Standard Conditions of Sale and Delivery
  1. (i) Concrete will be supplied by the Company in accordance with the relevant Codes, and unless otherwise stated on the face of the delivery docket the S.A.A Specification and Manufacture of Concrete AS1379 - 1991 (or amendments thereto) will apply.
    (ii) Where concrete mix design or mix details are required to be supplied by the Company, it is the customers responsibility to submit the mix design to his client, consulting engineer or architect and obtain written approval prior to the supply of the concrete.
  2. The customer will ensure that a representative is at the delivery site to sign the delivery docket and that signature shall serve as acknowledgement by the customer that the quantity noted on the delivery docket was delivered and that the concrete complies with the customers order.
  3. The price charged:
    (i) is for concrete batched and/or delivered during the Company’s normal working hours on weekdays not being on public holidays. A surcharge will be made for concrete batched and / or delivered outside these hours.
    (ii) is based on a minimum of 3 cubic metres of concrete (an additional cartage charge will be made on deliveries of lesser quantities) and may also include a separate delivery charge, incorporating and based upon the appropriate cartage rates ruling at the date of delivery, together with any other costs incurred by the Company in arranging such delivery.
    (iii) is based on deliveries to one discharge point. Additional charges apply to multiple discharge points.
    (iv) provides for the discharge of concrete to be completed within 45 minutes from arrival on site. An additional charge may be made for waiting time in excess thereof.
    (v) is subject to additional charge when concrete is returned from site due to Customer’s inability to use the full quantity ordered; or if pre-mixed concrete rejected because the time between batching and discharge is greater than the time permitted by AS1379 or the specification that covers the project being supplied, provided that the delay was not caused by the Company.
    (vi) is subject to increase where it is necessary for the Company to add a cooling or heating agent.
    (vii) is based, unless otherwise specified on the delivery docket and / or the invoice, on slumps not exceeding 80mm using 20mm nominal size dense aggregate. An additional charge may be made if the slump is in excess of 80mm and / or other size aggregate.
    (viii) notwithstanding anything herein contained the price may at the discretion of the Company be varied in accordance with the rise and fall provision contained in the Company’s charges and surcharges advice.
  4. Goods will be delivered to the roadside adjacent to the delivery site. If at the Customer’s request, the delivery vehicle leaves the road and enters the site to unload, the customer is responsible for providing suitable and safe access for the Company’s delivery vehicle and Company agents and contractors. In addition the Customer agrees to indemnify the Company and its agents and contractors for all damage and injury to any person and to any public or private property which may result including any costs associated with enabling the delivery vehicle to leave the site, and the cost of any returned product as a result of the customer failing to provide suitable access to the delivery site.
  5. The Customer may request a project assessment testing program in accordance with the above mentioned codes to be arranged at the Customers expense. The Company charges for the tests will be at the current rates. Test samples will only be taken at the agitator chute and tested in accordance with the relevant sections of AS1012 and subsequent amendments applicable on date of delivery. The results of the tests carried out by any other person will only be recognised if carried out in accordance with these standards by a NATA registered testing authority.
  6. Premixed concrete sold in the plastic state and the subsequent in-situ performance when set is greatly affected by the Customer’s work practices in handling, placing and curing concrete. The Company accepts no responsibility for the performance of pre-mixed concrete other than with respect to the criteria specified in AS1379, and in particular the Company accepts no responsibility :
    (a) water added to concrete either before or after discharge from the delivery unit without the approval of the Company’s representative.
    (b) an admixture is used at the purchasers request or specification
    (c) discharge from the agitator occurs more than ninety minutes from the time ex plant.
    (d) for the surface texture and colour of hardened pre-mixed concrete, including where the aggregate in the concrete has been exposed by the Customer; and for any future colour change or oxidation of aggregates that have been exposed to the atmosphere. The Company will not be liable to the purchaser or any other person for any loss or damage or injury arising from;

    (a) delay of delivery or non delivery arising from any cause beyond the control of the Company including but not limited to unforeseen traffic conditions, plant and delivery equipment breakdowns, industrial stoppages or bans and shortages of raw materials; or
    (b) any claim which is due to faulty handling, placing or curing of the concrete or to defective job practices, or physical contact with the concrete, and the purchaser will indemnify and keep indemnified the Company against all liability and against such actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, cost and expenses whatsoever which may be taken or made against the Company or incurred by the Company in respect thereof.
  7. Unless prior arrangements from our client have been made, payment for goods and/or services is due in full before delivery. Where there is to be more than one load to be delivered, full payment must be made prior to unloading of the first delivery vehicle. Payment for surcharges must be made at the time they are incurred.
  8. The Customer will pay all costs incurred by the Company on cancellation of any order.
  9. The conditions shall not be varied without the written authority of the Company’s management.